A secure future through improved water management

Waimea Irrigators Limited was formed with the purpose of establishing, in conjunction with Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council and other stakeholders, a long-term solution to the region’s water shortages.

We are passionate about supporting water users, big and small, on the Waimea Plains and surrounding areas. We know that having access to the right amount of water at the right time is essential to grow our local economy, and provide jobs and opportunities for future generations.

Replacement PDS 15 October 2018 – Key dates

Return of Confirmation Notice: 15 November 2018
Applicants will need to sign and return their Confirmation Notice by no later than 15 November 2018 to re-commit to their application of Water Shares. If an Applicant does not return their Confirmation Notice by this time, they will not be issued any Water Shares and their subscription monies will be refunded.

Issue date of water shares: 14-18 January 2019
This date is subject to the Offer being confirmed by Waimea Irrigators following financial close.

Call for second instalment of 25% payment of water share purchase price: 1 November 2019
This is the Call Date, and if the project goes ahead as planned this date will hold. If the project is delayed for any reason, this Call Date may be some other later date as the WIL Board determines. Shareholders will be notified of the final call date for the second instalment.

Call for third instalment of 25% payment of water share purchase price: 1 May 2020
What is financial close? It is the term WIL and Tasman District Council are using to describe the date when all parties, including Crown Irrigation Investments Limited, agree all criteria have been met to secure funding for the project and agreed to the project scope and costs. This is expected to be in mid December 2018.

Construction timetable:

Key Milestone Target Date
Preferred contractor identified December 2017 (completed)
Detailed Design September 2018 (completed)
Award Contract 1 November 2018
Commence Construction February 2019
Scheduled Scheme Completed December 2021
Scheme Operational April 2022


We have never done anything like producing and distributing a Product Disclosure Statement before! It was quite a process but we feel it worked pretty well.

We'd love to hear your feedback on anything you want to share so that we can take on board any lessons learned.

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For more information please contact Natasha Berkett, Project Manager for Waimea Irrigators Limited at natasha@waterforlife.nz.

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More information on the Waimea Community Dam is available at www.waimeawater.nz.